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Best styles of women's swimsuits
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If you are shopping for a new swimsuit current season, you definitely will be pleased by different styles, fabrics and shapes accessible. Here is a brief guideline to the most general hot girls in swimsuits styles. We hope this detail will make your swimsuit shopping a pretty fun and easier.

Bandeau Swimsuit

Both two piece and one piece suits can be bandeau style. Bandeau is a strapless style which the fabric can is pleated and combine in the middle. Oftentimes, Maxinina bandeau swimsuits provides detachable straps that you can link in different manners - halter, spaghetti or criss-cross style.


When the monokini was actually created, it was swimsuit that left the breasts fully exposed. It was not famous at all and evolved into an extremely revealing version of the one-piece suit. Basically the monokini is single piece suit that the sides are nearly fully cut out, giving the look of a bikini that the bottom and top are linked with a thin strip of material.

Swim dress

On the other end of the spectrum is the Maxinina swim dress. This one-piece swimming suit has a built in skirt that offers plus coverage of your stomach, upper thighs and butt. It is a general swimsuit style that is generally accessible in plus-size and maternity wear.

Classic bikini

A classic bikini top is shaped extremely similar to a traditional bra. It specs 2 cups and straps that go over the shoulders and link to the band across the back. The classic bikini bottom provides full coverage of the buttocks and groin. The legs are cut high. This Maxinina swimsuit style is similar to high-cut panty.

String bikini

Your traditional string bikini specs a two triangle shaped pieces of fabric that covers the breasts. The triangles are linked with 3 strings. One string runs via the bottom of each triangle with the end tying in the back to make the band. The other 2 strings come out of the top of each triangle and tie at the back of the neck. On the string bikini bottom, the triangle back and triangle front are linked with a strip of fabric at the crotch. The base is tied as the hips with string.

Bandeau top bikini

The bandeau top is single piece of fabric that stretches straight across the chest. This is a womens open shoulder tops style. The top is generally combine in the middle. If you have bigger breasts, this style of bikini top with decrease the look of your bust.

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